​​Butternut Health Assessments, Arborist Reports, Tree Risk Assessments & Permits

Types of Reports Simply Trees Offers
Arborist Reports: An arborist report is a report that is completed by a trained professional. Reasons for getting an arborist report include, but are not limited to, land development, to establish tree protection plans, to assess potential impact of construction on trees, and to report on the current health and structure of a tree.
Tree Risk Assessments: As trees grow and age, the potential for a tree to naturally shed branches increases. Also, as a tree grows and matures the benefits of that tree increases. Trees are living organisms and will always have a level of risk associated with them. The aim of a risk assessment is to assess the current level of risk and give mitigation options to bring that risk to an acceptable level.  
Butternut Health Assessments: Do you have a Butternut on your property? Butternut trees across North America have been infected by a fungus known as butternut canker. This fungus usually kills the tree. Butternuts are endangered species and protected under Ontario's Endangered Species Act. Before you can remove or harm a butternut tree, you must have a qualified Butternut Assessor look at your tree. To find out more, click here:  https://www.ontario.ca/page/butternut-trees-your-property
Tree Permits: Do you live in the City of Peterborough and need work? The City of Peterborough has come out with a Private Tree By-Law that requires residents to obtain a tree permit before any work is performed. If you have any questions about the By-Law or how it may impact you and your trees, give us a call. We are trained professionals and can help guide you through the permit process!

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